Eyes on Main Street Inc

Artist in Residence

Copyright Amsatou Diallo, Wilson, April 2018


Sadly, Eyes on Main Street has decided to suspend its residency program for the period of May 2020 to May 2021. The current world-wide health situation banning many from travelling safely and the loss of funding for the project give us no other option but to stop the program for now.

The artistic team wishes you a good health, stay safe and remain in good spirit.


Eyes on Main Street has become in five years a sought after festival, popular among global photographers including William Klein, Renée C. Byer, Eugene Richards, Mary Ellen Mark, Raymond Depardon, Anush Babajanyan, Andrew Moore, Rebecca Norris-Webb, Gaël Turine, Soon-Hwa Oh and Bieke Depoorter who have participated in the main exhibition.

Program Overview

Eyes on Main Street has launched in 2017 a residency program with the goal of building several strong photographic portfolios around our community. Although all photographers can apply, a strong sense of street photography is required. The Festival will choose 12 new photographers for a period of one month per residency -this program is open to both domestic and international photographers.


Wilson is a town in North Carolina about 50 miles east of its capital, Raleigh, with a population of roughly 50,000. At the heart of the tobacco industry, downtown Wilson saw a decline in its fortune when the tobacco warehouses closed down, changing the town as many other businesses followed and left. Today, the city is reinventing itself through several arts projects, with a Whirligig Park open since late 2017 and photography becoming part of the city’s landscape.

The resident artists will live on Nash Street in Historic Downtown Wilson for one month. The Festival will offer comfortable lodging in a small private apartment consisting of a workspace, a kitchen, a bathroom and one bedroom with a one-time stipend of $500 to cover some travel and related costs. Utility bills will be paid for by the Festival and a Mac computer with all the needed programs is available to the photographer.

Transportation to and from the airport will be provided from RDU, Raleigh-Durham Airport, 60 miles from Wilson. A car is optional, at the expense of the resident. A small bus system runs to the main shopping center around town, and the Festival will provide a bike.

How to apply

The program has been suspended until further notice

No Entry Fee

Both the Festival and the Resident will sign a contract. The curators will select photographs for a group exhibition to be held during the following Edition of the Eyes on Main Street Festival.


Each photographer will be asked to donate one print to the program no later than six months after the end of his or her residency.

Jerome De Perlinghi

Artistic Director


Photographers 2017-2020

First Year:

09-2017: Jan Wünsch, Czech Republic

10-2017: Juan Arredondo, Colombia

11-2017: Rémy Artiges, France

12-2017: Keith Dannemiller, USA

01-2018: Juan Madrid, USA

01-2018: Juan Giraldo, Colombia/USA

02- 2018: Diana Bagnoli, Italy

03-2018: Jeremy Dennis, USA

04-2018: Kajal Nisha Patel, United Kingdom

04-2018: Amsatou Diallo, Mali

04-2018: Sandeep Biswas, India

05-2018: Jared Ragland, USA

06-2018: Giovanni Urgeles, Cuba/Philippines

Second Year:

07-2018: Ximena Echague, Argentina

08-2018: Seydou Camara, Mali

09-2018: Dave Jordano, USA

10-2018: Jérôme Bonnet, France

11-2018: José Luis Vilchez, Nicaragua

12-2018: Andrea Torrei, Italy

01-2019: Serra Akcan, Turkey

01-2018: Çiğdem Üçünçü, Turkey

02-2019: Alice Kayibanda, Rwanda

03-2019: Michelle Frankfurter, USA

04-2019: Judith Rodriguez, Argentina

05-2019: Roza Vulf, Lithuania

06-2019: Jeremy M.Lange, USA

Third Year:

07-2019: Ayomide A. Oyeniyi, Nigeria

08-2019: Vicky Roy, India

09-2019: Benjamin Dunn, USA

10-2019: Olivier Metzger, France

11-2019: Isabelle Levy-Lehmann, France

12-2019: Mark Rammers, The Netherlands

01-2020: Gisela Ajzensztat, Argentina

02-2020: Bronek Kozka, Australia

03-2020: Tracy Barbutes, USA