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We are proud to announce that the 6th Edition is ready for viewing until May 16, 2021. We welcome you to Wilson, NC to enjoy 375 new images and 136 images exhibited outdoors in two exhibitions spread over Barnes Street, Tarboro Street, Goldsboro Street, Lodge Street and Nash Street. Please, practice social distancing and respect the wishes of others as well when walking on the streets. The festival is one mile long, there is room for everyone. Please see the map of the exhibition here and it can also be viewed along the route. We look forward to seeing you in Wilson.

The 6th Edition of Eyes on Main Street festival runs October 31, 2020 to May 16, 2021

Eyes on Main Street Galleries

EOMS Goldsboro Gallery is located at 126-128 Goldsboro Street S, Wilson, NC 27893

EOMS Residency Gallery is located at 231 Nash Street E, Wilson, NC 27893

Gallery Hours: Wed, Thur, Sat - Noon to 4pm and Fri - Noon to 6pm

All Eyes on Main Street workshops and lectures are currently on hold and will resume when Covid-19 restrictions are lifted.

Press Communiqué Published in October 2020

The artistic team of Eyes on Main Street, with the full support of the board of our non-profit, decided in early February to answer the uncertainty that the COVID 19 pandemic brought to global cultural events by adjusting the format and dates of the 6th edition of our Photography Festival. Seven months later, we are ready and the new official dates are October 31, 2020 to May 16, 2021

The people of the City of Wilson and beyond will have access to world-class photography for an extended period from 100 to 200 days. Through the power of photography, we will be able to travel the world while still respecting all the North Carolina state guidelines regarding social distancing and stay at home orders.

Our board and creative team feel that returning to the practice we founded our festival on in 2015 is the responsible solution to the current situation. The Eyes on Main Street are determined to be proactive while putting in place creative actions that contribute to the health and wellbeing of the communities, generous supporters, photographers and international partners we cherish.

Our team will continue to work behind the scenes and when the situation improves, we will be ready to supply the rich cultural programming that you know Eyes on Main Street delivers including, exhibitions, artists in residency, youth programming, workshops and lectures in 2021.

You can be sure that this 6th edition will be one to remember for all the right reasons. In the meantime, we wish everyone good health and thank you all for your continued support.

Jérôme De Perlinghi

Artistic Director

October 28, 2020

Festival Theme: Main Street, a Crossroad of Cultures

The sixth edition of Eyes on Main Street, Wilson Outdoor Photo Festival opens October 31, 2020 in historic downtown Wilson, NC. For almost 200 days, 100 photographs will be displayed on 100 storefront windows and buildings, spanning nine city blocks. Barnes Street and four adjacent blocks of the city center will be transformed into a vibrant gallery of large-scale photographs. The outdoor exhibition, curated by Jerome De Perlinghi, Ghadah Alrawi and Carol Johnson, features the work of 100 photographers from 45 countries. Among the artists included in this years' edition are: Stephen Shore, Bieke Depoorter, Bruno Barbey, Griselda San Martin, Finbarr O’Reilly, Lua Ribeira, John Stanmeyer, Karen Kausmaki, Martin Roemers, Betty Press and Dawoud Bey.

Eyes on Main Street is a large outdoors and indoor photography festival in Wilson, North Carolina. We are a Non-Profit Organization and donations are tax deductible as stipulated by the IRS.

Other Exhibitions Program

-Eyes on the Residency: The Festival will exhibit a selection of photographs produced by 12 resident photographers who each spent a month photographing Wilson from a wide variety of artistic viewpoints. Between April 2019 and March 2020, the city attracted resident photographers from around the world, including Michelle Frankfurter, Judith Rodriguez, Roza Vulf, Jeremy Lange, Ayomide A. Oyeniyi, Vicky Roy, Benjamin Dunn, Olivier Metzger, Isabelle Levy-Lehman, Mark Rammers, Gisela Ajzensztat and Bronek Kozka. Examples of their work will be on display at 231 Nash Street East, corner of Douglas and Nash Streets, across from the Imagination Station.

-The Youth Photography Program Outdoor Exhibit: Hundreds of photographs captured by the Wilson youth during the 2019 workshops and Chinese youth during our collaboration with the Pingyao International Photography Festival in September 2019. Through this exhibit we hope to promote cross-cultural understanding and celebrate the young photographers of America and China. This extraordinary exhibition is co-curated by Stephen DeSantis and Peter Fitzpatrick. We will bring you this exhibition in the Fall of 2021

-Andria Hautamaki: Andria Hautamaki is the first recipient of our photo-reportage grant. With the grant money she worked in remote villages of Southern Chile, photographing education challenges and the school system in faraway regions of the world by following children in their daily life. The exhibition is at 225 Nash Street E, Wilson, NC 27893 (Outdoor, open night and day)

-Eyes on China: “Eyes on Contemporary Photography in China” will present the work of eight contemporary Chinese photographers focusing on their work within China. This exhibition is co-curated by Wang Bin Summer Pan and Jinghan Xu.

EOMS Goldsboro Gallery, 126-128 Nash Street S, Wilson, NC 27893

This exhibition will now be part of our 7th edition in October 2021

NEW FORMAT TO BE ANNOUNCED IN THE SPRING OF 2021 -The Dates for 7th Edition are October 30, 2021 to April 17, 2022

These activities will take place when the authorities have lifted all the restrictions concerning Covid-19.

Education Program Will Resume in 2021

-Youth Photography Workshops: Peter Fitzpatrick, our Education Director and Professor at the School of Fine and Performing Arts of Columbia College Chicago, will supervise senior photography students and alumni to conduct youth photography workshops in partnership with local after-school groups. The Diane Dammeyer Initiative and Canon USA generously support these workshops.

-Public Lecture Series: featuring photographers discussing their ideas and techniques.

-Adult Photography Workshops: Brings the opportunity to work with and mentored by renowned photographers on projects in the City of Wilson.

Festival Creative Team

Jerome De Perlinghi, Artistic Director/Curator

Peter Fitzpatrick, Education Director

Ghadah Alrawi, Curator

Carol Johnson, Curator

Contact Details

Eyesonmainstreetinc@gmail.com 1-708-271-3042 For more information, visit us online: www.eyesonmainstreetwilson.com On Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/eyesonmainstreet/ Or follow us on Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/eyesonmainstreetinc/

Mailing Address

Eyes on Main Street, INC 210 Moss Street, Wilson, NC 27893, USA

Press photographs and further information available upon request

Eyes on Main Street is a large outdoor and indoor photography festival in Wilson, North Carolina. We are a Non-Profit Organization and donations are tax deductible as stipulated by the IRS.

Board Members

John Bethune, Brooke Bissette, Susan Fecho (Board President), Rosa Gobien, Ryan Mercer, Maria Popowitch, Theresa Scott, Nancy Van Dolsen & Carol Vargo