Eyes on Main Street Inc

Suzanne Stein I started taking pictures while on a trip to Europe in June 2015. Previously, I had worked primarily with pencil, ink, and graphite. I knew almost immediately that photography was going to turn my life upside down and that I would be able to use my personal life experiences in a way that I’d never imagined. I am especially captivated by people…who have an intensity that’s immediate and complete. Everything and everyone can change in an instant, and nothing is ever the same twice. I’m always after a narrative of some kind, whether it’s at a parade, the beach, or in an economically deprived neighborhood in Los Angeles. One moment an image can convey everything from an everyday instant to a big, heavy truth that people from wildly different backgrounds can absorb almost instantly. These narratives are present everywhere, running through everyone’s reality, and if I’m able to do the job effectively, a picture can tell a story no matter where it was taken. (Photo shot in Manhattan, NY, USA, 2018. Photo sponsors: Rhine & Pegi Sharp.)

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