Eyes on Main Street Inc

Paul D’Haese “The need to dissect the city’s structure is reflected in the search for knowledge concerning the surroundings and its elements, in the dissection of the hidden, the absent and the dysfunctional, in such a way that is comparable to Democritus who poked his own eyes out to gain a more profound insight. The end result is a fictional city called ‘Belgopolis’. This working title is a reference to the demarcated territory, Belgium, which in the course of time will probably expand to other countries. Paul considers this to be a long-term project, which will ultimately encompass his mental universe, his own city of the blinds. It’s a personal interpretation of the paradox of photography and deviates from the contemporary approach. It concerns a considerable archive of Magrittean city life, an exhibition of reality, a Hopperesque scene, a coded set of enigmas...”

— Dieter Debruyne, excerpt interview, October 2016 at Urbanautica (Photo shot in Soignies, Belgium 2013. Photo sponsor: Pie Station.)

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