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Oksana Parafeniuk is a freelance photographer based in Kyiv, Ukraine. Oksana is passionate in documenting the lives of people in the regions of a humanitarian crisis, migration and displacement, rights of people with disabilities, among many others. Her interest is to explore creative approaches in documentary photography. Oksana has worked on assignments and published work in the Washington Post, NBC News, Al Jazeera English, Newsweek, MSF, UN Women, and others. She has participated in several exhibitions, including a major UNICEF group exhibition about displacement (2016). Oksana has five years of experience as a local producer with foreign media and international organizations in Ukraine, including the New York Times Magazine, National Geographic, BBC, ARTE, UNHCR, and others. She was a participant of the Women Photograph Mentorship Program 2017-2018 and holds an MA degree from Middlebury College, where she was awarded the Kathryn Davis Fellowship for Peace. (Photo shot in Kutaisi, Georgia, 2017. Photo sponsor: Judith A. Edwards.)

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