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Monique Jaques is a Brazilian-American photojournalist based in Istanbul, Turkey. Her work focuses on the representation of women through documentary photography and video. Her multi-award winning approach to journalism reframes prevailing narratives and examines modern-day issues misrepresented in the media. Jaques has spent the past seven years working for a variety of editorial and commercial clients while producing a diverse portfolio of documentary projects. She was recently listed on Time LightBox’s list of “Female Photographers to Follow From Around the World.” Her major body of work Gaza Girls: Growing up in the Gaza Strip challenges mainstream notions of this complicated place and explores issues of identity and religion. This project was first published in the New York Times and has been syndicated in Marie Claire Italy, Vogue Italy, Panorama Italy, the Telegraph and the Guardian UK. Jaques holds a BFA from New York University’s Tisch School of the Arts. (Photo shot in Cairo, Egypt, 2011. Photo sponsors: Robert & Alice Cassanova.)

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