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Meeri Koutaniemi is a Finnish photographer and journalist who was born in Lapland and now lives in Helsinki. Koutaniemi's work extends to over 50 countries where she has photographed and documented people with compelling stories of struggle and resilience. Her work stems from the question and definition of identity. Koutaniemi has focused on the humanitarian side of conflicts, displacement, and discrimination. At the core of her work lies a universal ability for empowerment and resistance. In 2012 and 2013, Koutaniemi was selected as the “Photographer of the Year” in Finland. Koutaniemi has received numerous international awards. Koutaniemi is currently focusing on her long-term project about female genital mutilation in different continents. (Photo shot in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, 2013. Photo sponsors: Martha Walston & Johnny & Jean Neese.)

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