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Raised in a conventional Parisian family, Marylise Vigneau developed an early taste for peeping through keyholes and climbing walls. She studied comparative literature at the Sorbonne in Paris, and her thesis was about cities as characters in Russian and Central-European novels. Her education is essentially literary, but photography became her language during her life’s journey. What attracts her first and foremost is how human beings are affected by borders both physical and mental, this fugitive space where an unexpected, bold and fragile act or glimpse of freedom can arise. She is documenting life mainly in Asia focusing on cities and on what time, development, or isolation does to them. She likes to play with opposites; absence and presence, emptiness and fullness, loneliness and multitude, the very near and the far away. She is represented by the Anzenberger Agency in Vienna. (Photo shot in Nyaungshwe, Myanmar, 2012. Photo sponsor: The Ferrari Family.)

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