Eyes on Main Street Inc

Marcia Soloff I came to photography, and this body of work, in a nonlinear way. I studied photography in the places I lived; Chicago, Miami, Boston and Mexico. In 1995, I enrolled in the New England School of Photography, where I received considerable encouragement and critical feedback. In the 1970s, I spent two years in Mexico City, where I found the culture absorbing and inspiring, connecting deeply to the place. When I returned to Mexico in 1986, I began studying darkroom techniques; film processing and printing. I was also photographing in the streets with some colleagues, and I noticed that when we appeared to be taking the same shot, the respective images were completely different. “Seeing,” I realized, is a unique act. This realization impelled me to more deeply explore my own particular vision. I also began to look at other photographers’ work for inspiration, in particular, Helen Levitt and Tina Modotti, as well as Manuel Alvarez Bravo and Lola Alvarez Bravo. (Photo shot in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, 2012. Photo sponsor: Southern Bank.)

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