Eyes on Main Street Inc

Keith Dannemiller graduated with a degree in biochemistry from Vanderbilt University, worked for three years in San Francisco investigating the use of radioactive isotopes in inflammation, but soon realized the scientific life of the laboratory was not for him. Now, he is a freelance editorial photographer working for publications such as Time, Newsweek, Business Week, the New York Times, Vanity Fair, National Geographic, Al Jazeera, and many others. He photographs personal projects of social importance in Mexico City, editorial projects in the contentious southern state of Guerrero, and traditional religious festivals. He exhibits his work throughout Mexico and the United States and recently published Callegrafía, a book of documentary images from the streets of Mexico City, his home for the last 31 years. His work is included in the prestigious Wittliff Southwestern and Mexican Photography Collection in San Marcos, Texas. His one-person show, Callegrafía opened in October 2018 at the Három Hét Gallery in Budapest, Hungary. (Photo shot in Mexico City, Mexico, 2014. Photo sponsors: Morkos Youssef, Brewmasters.)

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