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Karen Kasmauski is photographer, storyteller, and project manager. As a National Geographic photographer, Karen produced 25 major stories ranging from the Kobe earthquakes to oil exploration in Alaska. She finds the personal stories behind the headlines, helping her to receive the inaugural Getty Grant for Good. A senior fellow with International League of Conservation Photographers, Karen’s books include Impact: From the Front Lines of Global Health and Nurse: A World of Care. She team produced the award-winning short film: “Fall Down Seven, Get Up Eight: The Japanese War Brides.” She has been an adjunct professor at Ohio, George Mason and George Washington Universities. Karen taught workshops at the Maine Media Workshops and has led photography trips for National Geographic Expedition and others. Her photographs have been exhibited at the US Congress, Carter Center, Centers for Disease Control, the National Academy of Sciences, Emory University, Smithsonian, and the National Geographic Society. (Photo shot in Tichirigitaba, Ghana, 2014. Photo sponsor: Betty McCain.)

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