Eyes on Main Street Inc

June Nam For over fifteen years I have been recording the daily lives and culture of Asia in Tibet, India, China, Nepal, Myanmar, Laos, Thailand, Pakistan, Mongolia, and Iran. I record the diversity of Asian culture by capturing everyday real life as a continuation of the moment and inner contemplation. After graduating from Chugye University for the Arts with a bachelor’s degree in arts, I began working as a broadcast producer. Working in this field gives me the opportunity to meet and interview people from diverse backgrounds. Within Korea, I document the temples and cultural heritage of each region throughout the country including: Jeju Island, Dokdo, and Daegu Bukseong-ro, among many others. “The purpose is to find the true meaning of life through intuitive observation of consecutive moments of life.” (Photo shot in Ganzi, Tibet, China, 2011. Photo sponsor: Penny Womble.)