Eyes on Main Street Inc

Jamey Stillings – A passionate interest in and curiosity about people, world cultures, ideas, technology and the environment are guiding forces in my photography and life. I draw on a diverse range of photographic skills and over thirty years of experience, nationally and internationally, from shooting documentary work to creating highly produced conceptual imagery. I strive for well-executed productions, paired with an approach that is open to both the planned and the unexpected. Energetic, creative collaboration, and friendly effective teamwork are at the heart of my most successful projects. Photographing people is a special love. I approach all subjects with a sense of equality, respect, and empathy. In this way, I strive to celebrate the human spirit, seek magic moments of light and expression, and create a sense of balance, clarity and simplicity within each image. (Photo shot in New Delhi, India 2009. Photo sponsors: Jimmy and Mary Edmundson.)

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