Eyes on Main Street Inc

Ingetje Tadros occupies a unique place in the world of social documentary photography, capturing the triumphs, tragedy, and diversity of people’s lives through her intuitive storytelling. Her creative vision is her driving force, leading to several documentary projects such as mental health in Bali, leprosy in India, trans-sexuality in Asia, and death rituals in Egypt. Tadros’ recent work, Kennedy Hill and This Is My Country, documents the complexities of race and culture of Australia’s indigenous people – the Aboriginals. Tadros’ work has been recognized by a number of photography’s most prestigious honors, such as the ANI-PixPalace Award (2016), Walkley Award (2015), the Australian equivalent of the Pulitzer Prize), finalist for the FotoEvidence Book Award (2016), and the Amnesty International Media Award (2015). (Photo shot in Broome, Australia 2011. Photo sponsors: Hal and Ginny Tarleton.)

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