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Frederick Beaujeu-Dufour was born in Pontoise, France. He received a degree in hospitality, but always pursued an interest in the arts. Since moving to the US in 1994, Frederick has developed a passion for photography. He received his MBA from UNC-CH in 2001 and settled in his wife’s hometown of Clinton, NC. He continued to hone his photography skills, finding himself inspired by the people and way of life in Eastern NC. He enjoys capturing images of the local agriculture and ranch life. He is a regular student at Penland School of Craft. While he is comfortable with all formats, including digital and the iPhone, he particularly enjoys alternative processes such as wet plate collodion, ambrotype, and black and white film, which he develops and processes himself. Environmental portraiture is Frederick's specialty, but he has a large body of work of landscapes and rural scenes. (Photo shot in Clinton, NC, USA, 2018. Photo sponsor: Yolande Andrews.)

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