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Fabio Bucciarelli is an award-winning photographer and author known for his documentation of conflicts and humanitarian consequences of war. In the last decade he has covered extensively the major world changing events in the Middle East, Africa and Europe. His coverage of the Syrian war has been recognized with the Robert Capa Gold Medal. He also has been prized by World Press Photo, Prix Bayeux-Calvados, Pictures of The Year, Leica Oskar Barnack, among others. Bucciarelli’s work is published in international magazines and newspapers and his artworks are exhibited in museum and galleries worldwide. Alongside his journalistic career Bucciarelli is cofounder of MeMo, a photography collective that develops multi-platform documentary projects. In 2016, Bucciarelli’s book The Dream (FotoEvidence) was selected among the best photobooks of the year by Time magazine. (Photo shot in Aleppo, Syria 2012.)

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