Eyes on Main Street Inc

Diane Dammeyer believes in the power of photography to tell a story. She has used her camera to interact with people across all seven continents. Interested in how individuals live, how they behave with each other, and how they interact with their families, Dammeyer seeks to capture the feelings of her subject. She quickly catches their mood before they have time to change expressions; her spontaneity helps give an insight into the individual, answering the question "who is this person and how are they different or the same?" Photographing poverty, social justice, and the human condition has been her passion for the last twenty years since finishing a photographic study at Columbia College of Chicago. Diane has three children and five grandchildren. She grew up in Virginia and currently lives on the ocean in southern California with her husband of 45 years. (Photo shot in Luxor, Egypt, 2008. Photo sponsors: Jimmy & Mary Edmundson.)

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