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David Robert Farmerie After a career that began in fashion and music in 1978, I left to join the coveted worlds of photojournalism and documentary photography, which remains my primary focus today. I honed my skills as a photographer in advertising, corporate, and product photography. My clients included a premier ballet company, the Broadway Series, and BBC Television that led to work for American motion picture companies and garnered seven films to my credit. I have photographed three United States presidents, numerous world events, and the Maya culture of the Yucatan Peninsula extensively. My current work includes forays into the genre of fine art—working from time to time with conceptual pieces—as a means of bringing balance and creative expertise to my other work. I was awarded the most influential southern photographic artist by the Huntsville Museum’s Red Clay Survey. My work has been exhibited in numerous one-person exhibitions. Because of my extensive work with the Maya cultures of the Yucatan Peninsula, the Masai and Samburu cultures of east Africa, and the Appalachian culture of southeast Kentucky, I was instrumental in developing cultural education programming for the University of Pittsburgh. (Photo shot in Boquillas, Mexico, 2017. Photo sponsor: Barton College Honors Program.)

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