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Amira Al-Sharif was born in Saudi Arabia and raised in Yemen. She studied photojournalism at the International Center of Photography in New York City. Al-Sharif began working as a professional photographer in 2005 for the Yemen Observer and in 2008 for Yemen Times. As a female documentary photographer in Yemen, she continues to push cultural and societal boundaries in a country where the majority of photographers are male. Yemeni Women with Fighting Spirits is her long-term documentary project on the resilience of Yemeni women and their contributions to their communities. Her work has been widely published in international publications such as the New York Times, Polaris magazine, as well as by humanitarian organizations like Oxfam, Islamic Relief, UNHCR, UNICEF among others. She is the recipient of the Arab Funds for Art and Culture grant and Prince Claus Fund for Cultural Development. In February, Al-Sharif was selected for World Press Photo Foundation’s 6x6 Global Talent Program. (Photo shot near Aden, Yemen 2017. Photo sponsors: Judy Edwards and Rebekah.)

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